Mutual benefits for merchant & consumer | GETBATS

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Your customers will need to sign up as GETBATS member in order for them to claim Rebates. 



After the customer has submitted the rebate claiming request (after they clicked on the "Proceed to Checkout" button),

Please login to your Cashier account or switch to Cashier mode (for admin/manager), then perform the following steps:


To void/ cancel a transaction, please perform the following steps:

Login to GETBATS Biz 

  1. Select "Sale Listing"

  2. Swipe left to void the specific transaction

Note: Cancel or Void an approved transaction can be performed ONLY:

  • For approved transactions within 24 hours.

  • If you are the user with access privilege - Merchant Owner (Admin) or Outlet Supervisor (User).

If you would like to cancel a wrong transaction after 24 hours, please send the request to [email protected]