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Frequently Asked Questions

Verifying: Your order details have been successfully tracked! Your Rebates are validating by our partner store to ensure that there are no cancellations, returns or exchanges made to your order. Rebates will be recorded in your Floating balance until the required conditions are fulfilled. 

Rebated: Your Rebates have been validated and added to your Withdrawable balance.

Cancelled: Your Rebates have been disqualified by our partner stores. Rebates given will be called back or cancelled.

Accumulated Rebates: Total accumulated Rebates earned from all your purchases, included floating balance, withdrawable balance as well as withdrawn Rebates.

Floating: Total Rebates earned from purchases, Touch-to-Surprise, and other rebate rewards that are pending for confirmation. They will be added to Withdrawable balance once the Rebates have been confirmed. 

Withdrawable: Refers to the amount available for withdrawal. Minimum withdrawal amounts apply.

Your Floating balance will be updated within 1-30 days after the purchase approval. It includes all recently added rebates from online orders, in-store orders and other qualified offers.

When your rebates have been validated, your Floating balance will be cleared and moved over to your Withdrawable balance.

You are allowed to request to cash out the balance of the rebate to your e-wallet. It will be taken 3- 5 working days to process the payment.

You can view all of the purchases from your Shopping Activity.

Unfortunately, you can get rebates only with GETBATS' merchant verification.

All returns and cancellations are subject to each store's specific policy. Returned or cancelled orders may void Rebates and be deducted from your Rebates Balance, depending on the store's policy. If a store processes your exchanged order as a cancellation and a new transaction is created, the exchange may be treated as a cancelled order.

To ensure you receive rebates on exchanged orders, you can instead return the item and place an entirely new order at that store.

The accumulated rebates in your GETBATS account shall not expire until your account is terminated accordingly your request or termination by our company due to terms & conditions violation.

Please provide below information about the issue, and send it to [email protected] if your purchase is not captured in your GETBATS account. We'll look into it right away.


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