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Frequently Asked Questions

GETBATS Premium is a subscription programme that allows you to receive higher cash rebates, exclusive deals and benefits!

All of your benefits will be automatically added to your GETBATS account once you subscribe. With every purchase you make through GETBATS, you will receive a Premium Bonus. You will also earn entries into lucky draws more quickly. It is simple and easy!

Simply go to Profile Settings , click on Upgrade button to subscribe!

You will need to make the subscription payment once you choose to upgrade your account and provide us with your payment information.

For subscriptions canceled prior to the end of your current subscription period, we will not issue refunds or prorated reimbursements.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and it will take effect on the next renewal date. If you want to cancel your subscription, please send an email to [email protected].

If you cancel your subscription, you can still use the Premium-only benefits until your next renewal date.

1. GETBATS Premium Subscription

1.1 GETBATS Premium is a subscription programme implemented by Starbox Rebates Sdn Bhd. By subscribing to GETBATS Premium, you will receive premium bonus, exclusive deals and benefits on the GETBATS website and mobile application (“Platform”).

2. Eligibility

2.1 GETBATS Premium is available to all GETBATS members to sign up.

3. Payment

3.1 You will be notified of the subscription fee payable at the time of subscription for all available plans (“Subscription Fee”).

3.2 Payment of the Subscription Fee will be made by: (a) a credit card or debit card; or (b)e-wallet; or (c)any other form of payment method accepted by GETBATS from time to time.

3.3 In respect of the billing cycle, we will bill you 1 month before the same date as your initial signup, and your premium account will be automatically renewed once the payment is made. If you do not make the renewal payment, your GETBATS Premium account will be cancelled and resumed to a non-premium account.

3.4 You understand and agree that GETBATS is not liable in any way for erroneous billing statements or incorrect charges, and that in the event of a billing error that is caused by GETBATS, our only responsibility is to correct such billing error within a reasonable time of us receiving notice of the error.

3.5 Once a Subscription Fee has been successfully paid to GETBATS, it is non-refundable.

3.6 GETBATS reserves the right, exercisable in its sole and absolute discretion, to adjust the Subscription Fee at any time. GETBATS will announce any changes to the Subscription Fee in accordance with the amendment procedure set out below. Unless communicated otherwise, price adjustments shall take effect on the next billing cycle.

4. GETBATS Premium Benefits

4.1 You will gain access to your GETBATS Premium benefits only after you have successfully paid the Subscription Fee and complied with all other applicable requirements to register an account on the Platform.

4.2 The Premium Bonus refers to the additional rebates rewarded to GETBATS Premium members on each of their successful purchases.

4.3 Once the transaction meets the respective criteria, an additional Lucky Draw entry (monthly and quarterly lucky draw) will be automatically added to the accounts of GETBATS Premium members.

4.3 Rebate is calculated excluding all taxes, shipping charges, discounts, promo code applied, gift card purchase, e-wallet top ups, telco top ups, credits utilized, utilities, service charges, points redemption etc.

4.4 Returns, exchanges, and cancellations will not be awarded with rebates, premium bonus and lucky draw entries.

4.5 Rebates, premium bonus and lucky draw entries will be paid on legitimate transactions only.

4.6 Your account is non-transferrable and you shall not share your GETBATS Premium benefits with other users.

4.7 The exact type of GETBATS Premium benefits that you will receive will be as stated at the time of subscription, and may be revised from time to time. Further information about the GETBATS Premium benefits may be found under the GETBATS subscription page on the Platform.

5. Cancellation / Termination

5.1 You can cancel your plan by emailing the cancellation request to [email protected] before the renewal date. Your request will be handled within 3 working days.

5.2 Once you cancel your plan, you will continue to be able to enjoy the Premium-only benefits until the end of your then-current billing cycle.

5.3 GETBATS will not make any partial or full reimbursements for subscriptions cancelled prior to the end of your current billing cycle.

5.4 GETBATS may at its sole and absolute discretion terminate your plan if we become aware or strongly believe that you have breached these Terms.

6. Amendment

6.1 GETBATS reserves the right to change or modify these Terms (including the GETBATS Premium benefits and the Subscription Fee) at any time and in its sole and absolute discretion.

7. Notice

7.1 To ensure that you receive information regarding your plan, GETBATS Premium and these Terms from GETBATS in a timely manner, you agree that GETBATS has the right to notify you by any one of the following means: your contact methods (phone, email, text messaging etc.), message notification, push notifications and in-app notifications.

10. Privacy Policy

10.1 Any collection, use and/or disclosure of your personal data will be in accordance with GETBATS’s privacy policy, a copy of which may be accessed in the GETBATS app or on our website.